Bulk Order Discounts - Helping on a Larger Scale

Those of you who've ordered from this site know that shipping is always FREE.   

Since we pay for shipping, small orders are costly, which is why we offer 10% off on the “Super Saver – Coffee 3 Pack.”  If a person were to get the super saver and then subscribe to get regular shipments, s/he could save 17.5%!

We now offer a 20% discount + free shipping if a person/group orders 12 or more bags of coffee* at a time. 

 Use code:  BIGHELP

Our desire is to get supporters to re-order on a regular schedule, which is why we offer the subscription plan.  This is how we get consistent sales, which equals consistent donations. We like to describe it as putting your charitable giving on auto-pilot. 

What would be absolutely awesome would be to supply a department or police guild/union’s coffee needs on a regular basis.  It would be symbiotic, one helping the other.  Plus, as those of you who've tried the coffee and as the reviews reflected, it is much better than the coffee they normally provide, which is old and stale.  Our coffee is from a small batch, gourmet roaster and it is literally hours to days old when it is sent.  So good coffee – great cause, LEOs and friends helping LEO families.

*The discount only works on coffee orders.

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