COPS and Kids

With all the politics and noise surrounding police shootings, we believe the real victims often get lost.  As an adult, when a person signs up to be a law enforcement officer, he/she knows the challenges and dangers that are a possibility, but that may not be the case with a spouse and it certainly isn't the case with children.  Children don't have much of a voice in the occupation a parent pursues, but they certainly feel the pain of losing a parent. 

COPS understands the needs of surviving children and has programs to help them adjust to the new reality.  They need ongoing support as they grow and realize the hole left in their lives by missing a parent.  A "Go Fund Me" page is not the whole solution, they need loving, caring people to think of them and their emotional needs every day.  We believe that COPS is the organization to provide this support, which is why we support them with each sale and try to make it easy for you to do so also.


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