Donation - Not from the profit, but from the sale

No one is getting rich on the pricing model used at Thin Blue Line Coffee, but getting rich was not the reason for setting up this business.  Helping law enforcement officers and their families is the core tenent that drives this site and the driving factor for the site's pricing model.

There are some product lines that promise to give 'all profits to charity.'  Paul Newman's products come to mind.  I think that is very admirable, but let's not forget that salaries are an expense that comes out before the profit is determined.  So, a company could say they are donating all profits, but raise their own salary to the point that the profit is minimal if not non-existent.  (For the record, I have no idea what they do at Newman's Own, the company that Paul Newman started.).

The donation model here at Thin Blue Line Coffee is simple, the donation is built into the price of the coffee and is treated as an expense, which is why we can state that if you buy one bag of coffee we donate X and if you buy 3 bags of coffee we donate 3X.  The donation comes out BEFORE we make a profit so we donate no matter if we are profitable or not. That is our commitment. 

Bottom line for you - by purchasing our coffee you ARE donating to a law enforcement charity!  

If you're in law enforcement or a supporter of law enforcement, buying from us helps to keep this process going and you get to drink great coffee knowing you're doing something good for those who risk their lives everyday.

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