Donations versus Advertising

I ask you, would you rather THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE spend money on advertising, which lines the pockets of ginormous companies, or instead donate the equivalent (or more) to law enforcement fundraisers that directly benefit LEOs? 

My wife worked for a large retail sales company whose claim to fame was customer service.  Competing companies used to advertise on television like crazy, but this company didn't, instead its passion to provide outstanding customer service and offer a legendary, lenient return policy drove sales.

I would like to see THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE have donations drive sales.  Our mission is to support LEOs, so why give money to huge, uncaring companies that promote anti-police content if it helps it sell more advertisement?  I'd like to provide LEO fundraisers with coffee that they can use to raise money instead of spending money on advertisement.

But there is a catch...

Only government can be generous with other people's money. THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE needs sales in order to donate to local LEO charities

We exist to help law enforcement officers and their families.

In these trying times when others want to make police look like the 'bad guys,'  the law enforcement community needs to support one another.  I wore blue, I bled blue, I support the blue with every sale. If you or your association drinks coffee, please choose to support the company that supports you and your loved ones.

Email us at if you are looking at ways to supply your agency or association with coffee.  We have more options than what appears on this site.

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