Helping LEOs in Multiple Ways

THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE is a tiny company, but we'd like to think that we have a big heart.  We give until it hurts and then go beyond.  During this holiday season, I thought I'd share the latest example of how we give back to the LEO community.


Dear Mr. Carl Orsi,

The annual Christmas party for Arkansas State Police personnel, retirees and their families in the Troop J area was held on Friday, December 1, 2017, in Russellville.

This was our largest attendance ever with over 130 people.

Your contribution for the door prizes helped make the evening a huge success!  Thank you for your support and I pray you and your family have a blessed Christmas season! 


Dale Saffold, Captain

Troop J Commander

Our response

Hello Captain Saffold,

Thank you for letting THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE participate in your event.  Our mission is to help officers and their families in as many ways as we can and I’m glad we could be of service.  If you can find it in your hearts to help support THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE by drinking and recommending it to others, it makes it possible for us to help more LEO organizations, officers and their families in the future.  No matter, thank you for giving us the opportunity to make your event a success.

Stay safe this holiday season and in all seasons to come.

Best Regards,

Carl Orsi



From the intro image, you can see that we donated to Toys for Tots and several other LEO and LEO related organizations. 

Here's the kicker... THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE is yet to be profitable, which means that I personally reach into my pocket for each of these donations, but I do so gladly.  

I WANT TO HELP and if you're reading this blog, I believe you do also.   We donate to COPS on every sale made from this site, no exceptions.  We give to LEO organizations when we can to help with fundraisers, but in order for us to help, we need your help.  

Trust me, THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE is not some mega-corporation with the CEO considering running for president.  We are a very lean team of people who care for LEOs and their families.  Help us help others.

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