In addition to running this website, I do some work as a consultant and I'm working with the company Omnilert on a new product they have called Gun Detect.  I found their product to be of great assistance to law enforcement in what they describe as 'situational awareness' and what I call 'officer safety.'  The elevator pitch on their product is as follows:

1. They are the original mass notification tool, which many colleges and businesses use to notify students and employees when there is some kind of disruption - from severe weather, to infrastructure issues (gas leak, etc.), to active shooters.

2. Their goal is to diminish, avoid and prevent problems as much as possible.

3. They have created a tool that can use off-the-shelf IP connected cameras to detect when a gun is being brandished.  

4. The tool uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) but is not facial recognition software, which has had it's issues.  Their AI looks for the connection of a human with a gun and triggers on that combination and sends an alert.

5. A human then reviews the image that triggered the alert and decides if it is worthy of a system wide alert notification.

6. These alerts can then be sent to the local responding agency to provide them with detailed information - including a PHOTO and VIDEO of the person holding the gun.

Why is this important and why did I title this blog entry "Heroes"?

Check out this 2015 response to the Umpqua Community College active shooter call:   Broadcastify - UCC Shooting

Before you click the above link - listen for:

The description of the shooter

The description of the weapon

The description of the exact location of the shooting


After listening to that call, how could you not call these people heroes?   With almost no information they calmly responded to an active shooter event, putting their lives in danger to save those of strangers.  They had no idea what the shooter looked like, nor what weapon he was using, yet they responded to save others.

If you're still with me this late into this blog, I did do a webinar for Omnilert on Gun Detect using the ICC shooting as an example.  

If you are interested in how this technology could help save the lives of innocents in the path of an active shooter or those whose job it is to respond to active shooters, I encourage you to listen to the webinar.   

I started this business to help in the lives of officers and their families, which is why I had no issue working with Omnilert on this product.  


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