Postage Increase Strikes Again

Those of you who have ordered from us understand that our prices INCLUDE SHIPPING and there is no tax on coffee (there is on mugs sold within the state of Washington) so with coffee, the price you see is the price delivered to your doorstep.   With most purchases,  the best deal on shipping continues to be the United States Postal Service and they are once again raising their prices.  We struggle with this each we absorb the shipping increase or pass it along?  We are not yet "in the black" so, unfortunately, we need to pass it along, at least part of the increase.  As a result, we will be raising the price of a standard bag of coffee/package of K-Cups from $13.18 to $13.58 on January 20th.   We hope you continue to support the cause of providing a donation to the Concerns Of Police Survivors (COPS) on each purchase.   The need for a great, caring organization like COPS is needed now more than ever.

Thank you,

-Carl Orsi


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