Recalling past events

Trauma comes in many forms.  Back in the day I was a member of my department's Barricaded Subject / Hostage Negotiation Team (BS/HNT), which in the below article they refer to as the "Special Response Team." I was called in to be part of my department's tactical response to the incident described below. I was "inner containment" and stationed in the hotel's lobby.  I could clearly see the hostages and feel the concussion of the shots being fired by the hostage taker. The feeling of helplessness that overcame me seeing these poor people suffer while I sat only feet away waiting for a plan/decision to act I will never forget. Seeing my teammates and friends selflessly enter the bar while shots were being fired still haunts me. I didn't suffer anything near what the hostages did, but in hindsight I could've used help processing the event. That's what I hope I can accomplish with Thin Blue Line Coffee - raising funds for an organization that helps the forgotten officers get past the events that we all wish didn't happen.


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