Sad Weekend Before Thanksgiving

I posted the below image to Instagram on the 16th of November, how little did I know how predictive it would be considering what happened this past weekend.

Thanksgiving Instagram

Today, Sunday the 20th of November, 4 police officers were shot - all thought to be ambushes.  One officer died and several were critically injured.

As can be seen on CNN - "Officers injured, slain in what appear to be targeted shootings"

This left me heart-broken.  I mentioned this at breakfast and my eleven year old said he was very glad that I retired and he mentioned some of my peers who have also retired, but we have friends that are still working as police officers and we said a quick prayer for them.   These shootings are so senseless.

It is hard to express how it feels to have friends and family in law enforcement, but I did find this video on CNN that does a pretty good job, "Cop's families: We worry everyday"

If you're an officer reading this, remember there are many of us who support you and have your back when you're out there keeping us safe at night.

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