Senseless Violence Against Police

This past week we've had two incidents of senseless violence against police officers.

The first incident of note was the incident where 3 officers standing in front of a convenience store in Phoenix, AZ, were struck by car. There was no known reason for this assault besides just wanting to hurt police officers.  If you are unfamiliar with this incident, you can see a video of it on the Phoenix Arizona Police Department's Facebook page. Thankfully no one was killed.

The second incident happened on Friday, 15 Sept 2016, in Philadelphia, PA, where an officer was sitting in her patrol car when a person walked up to the car and shot her 8 times leaving behind an anti-police message on a piece of paper.  More information can be found on the PoliceOne website. Again, thankfully the officer was not killed.

Whether you like the police or not, there is no justification for randomly hurting and trying to kill police officers! These officers have families, friends and others who love them and they are all affected by these senseless acts of violence. 

First we need to stop the violence. I'm not sure what the answer is - more outreach? more community interaction? more empathy on both side? less divisive speech? less grandstanding?

I am sure that these random acts of violence have an impact on the officers, all officers, and their families. Random violence puts everyone on edge. Spouses and children worry even more when an officer leaves for work.  Officer safety becomes the highest priority, which can lead to separation between the police and the community they protect because every encounter becomes suspect. It is not good, it is not healthy, and it is not the way we need to be to get through these trying times. 

THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE supports organizations that look at the big picture. Organizations that help the injured, their families and co-workers so that the downward spiral is broken and officers and their families can return to work and to living healthier and better adjusted. Some help is in the form of funds to pay for bills, others is in the form of community letting those in pain know that they don't have to face these issues alone, and some help is in the form of understanding, listening and acknowledging that we're all human.  

Help us, help them - by purchasing coffee & mugs from us, you are donating to Concerns of Police Survivors



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