Show your support without having to scream

These are tough times for law enforcement officers, their supporters, and friends.  The cancel culture is screaming to defund the police and showing support for the police can be downright scary.  I've read news articles explaining how the "thin blue line" is racist and oppressive, but I don't see it like that.  That is not and never has been what this site and business are about.  I wish everyone was nice to one another and lived harmoniously, unfortunately, it doesn't work that way in reality.  Every society has rules (and laws) to help one another live together, and there are people in every society who choose to break those rules.  Some rules should be broken, and there should be a process to challenge the rules, but some rules are universal, such as not engaging in activity that could hurt others (think of drinking and driving, speeding through a school zone while kids are around, shooting a firearm in a crowded environment) and these laws need to be enforced in order to maintain safety and civility.  Let me add that they need to be enforced fairly and evenly.  To me the "Thin Blue Line" represents those men and women who devote themselves to helping others live safely.  Is it perfect?  No.  Are there some people who misrepresent what I believe the thin blue line stands for?  Yes.  There will always be outliers and maybe the profession as a whole hasn't done a good enough job to weed them out quickly, but the vast majority are good people trying to do their best in a very difficult job.   Nobody's perfect.  Let me be the first to say that I devoted 18 years of my life to law enforcement, and I would like to think that my positive impacts on the lives of others outweigh my faults and errors, but only God knows for sure.  I pray that I have honored the profession well.

If you're still reading, I created the "I Support" mug to show support for those in law enforcement without having to scream it loudly.  It's subtle, but it shows where your heart is.

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