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Okay, so this blog entry really doesn't help THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE but I do hope that it makes readers understand that our goal really is to help others and not shamelessly make money. 

Since it is the holiday season and people are buying tons of stuff online, I wanted to bring to everyone's attention that Amazon has a program where they will donate a portion of each purchase to a charity the YOU designate (from their list of charities).  The percentage they donate is 0.5% but multiply that times thousands and millions of purchases and it adds up. 

You must sign up to have your purchases linked to a charity.  The address is:

It is pretty simple to sign up and designate a charity.  Then, when you want to purchase something from Amazon you must login through the link.

State chapters of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) are listed as charities on the site.  I chose the Washington State chapter to donate to, but you can choose whatever charity you want and can find on the site.

I have plans to sell THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE through Amazon, but it is not currently available there now - you can only buy it from this site at this time.

Bottom Line:  This is the 'Season of Giving' so I hope you find it in your heart to take the time to designate a charity on Amazon and use to make online purchases.  It costs you nothing but your time.

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