The Final Inspection - continued

One of the most viewed blog entries on this site is the one titled, "The Final Inspection Poem - Kept My Life in Perspective."  I re-read it today and once again it helped me to evaluate my life.  Then by some chance I stumbled upon a video produced by the Sumter Police Department back in 2017, in which they paid tribute to their fallen officers during the annual National Police Week Prayer Breakfast.  The production value of this video is not the best, but the message is heartfelt and pure and I wouldn't change a thing about it.  

After you watch the video, and I highly encourage you to watch it, contemplate the state of police work today. When others are screaming for defunding and dismantling the police, I would love for you to think about all the things that unite us in this proud profession. Could we do better?  Yes, and we should, but don't let others' hatred divide us.  We are more alike than we are different.  We love our families, our friends and our community.  We want to do what is right, to be honest in our thoughts and actions, to walk the path of fairness, and to show compassion and grace.  It isn't an easy journey.  We're human and we make mistakes, but it is our humanity that makes us family. We may be dysfunctional at times, and we must acknowledge that we can do better and strive to do better, but we are still family.  Stay safe out there.

Please click on the image for the video. 

The Final Inspection video - Sumter Police Department

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