It saddens me greatly to state that after 5 years, THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE will be hanging up the CLOSED shingle for good.

This effort was never really about the coffee, but about raising awareness of those who sacrifice all to protect and serve others.  I believe that message has been heard and will carry on.

We continue to support two great organizations: Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) and Blue H.E.L.P.

We were never about the bravado of being a police officer, and that probably hurt sales, but the job of a law enforcement officer is so much more than guns and gear.  It's about caring for kids whose own parents abuse them, it's about securing free speech when it is used to call you a murderer and worse, it's about dealing with the problems of society that no one wants to admit they have a roll in creating, it's about responding to gunfire when everyone else is running from it.  The job has broken people and families and it was the organizations that help mend the wounds that we supported.  We let others identify with guns and glory, we identified with the people - the real people - behind the badge.  

We were informed yesterday that the price of coffee is doubling and with the increases in shipping the burden is just too much for us to continue.  

This has been a labor of love for me and I would love to see THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE generate the kinds of donations that the charities we support need to help the families of law enforcement officers injured or killed as a result of the job.  Maybe you are the one that can make a difference.   If you are interested in growing THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE, I can be reached at

For me, the journey ends here.

Thank you one and all!

-Carl Orsi

Retired Police Sergeant, Founder

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