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  • Paul Gray says...

    Hey, Carl. You’re looking good but then you’re still a young man compared to me! I think what you are doing is very noble with your product line. I have been out of law enforcement for over 32 years now and it seems like this country is reliving the 1960s and 1970s all over again. The big difference appears to be that the federal government does not back the police today like they did in my day. I see the real problem makers as the same subversive group mentality that has always existed but seems to be much more powerful today which doesn’t bode well for the country. But we have to keep the faith. As my father used to tell me, “The good people in each generation will rise to the top and take control.” I sure hope so for my grandkids’ sake. Don’t know if you remember Ed Coyne but we get together each week and he loves dark roast coffee so I’m sure The Thin Blue Line Coffee will be just right for him! Keep up the great crusade. You can count on my continued support.

    September 29, 2016

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