Washington State Chapter of C.O.P.S.

On Saturday the 10th of December, 2016, I had the opportunity to attend the quarterly meeting of the Washington State Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S).  What a heart warming meeting.  In attendance were parents, children and siblings of officers who died as a result of working in law enforcement.  To be honest, I had reservations that the meeting would be rather somber considering the topic, but it wasn't. It was a celebration of life and the desire to help others.  It emphasized to me the true loss of those officers who were being represented, because if they were anything like the family members that attended this meeting, they were certainly people I would want to have in uniform.

My takeaway from the meeting:

  • C.O.P.S. is a great organization doing great things for the families of fallen officers. 
  • They host retreats for the children, spouses, parents, siblings and other relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins) of fallen officers
  • They officer counseling for colleagues of fallen officers.
  • They offer counselling for the families of officers who commit suicide. 
  • They offer training in police academies to recruits entering law enforcement to learn to separate work from home life.
  • They offer training to departments on how to handle the loss of an officer and the stress on department personnel that follows.

This is an organization that works very efficiently and offers great services to those in need.  They have a 96.66 rating (out of 100) on Charity Navigator.

In the end, this meeting confirmed my decision to back them as the charity THIN BLUE LINE COFEE supports.

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