You work hard for your money, so why spend it on THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE and its support of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) charity? That's a fair question and one I'm sure many people ponder. There are a lot of good causes out there to support and you only have so much money, so why spend your money here?

I chose to support C.O.P.S. for several reasons.

1. They are a national organization. I wanted to help ALL law enforcement personnel across the country and C.O.P.S. allows me to do so.

2. Their mission statement:

Rebuilding shattered lives of survivors and co-workers affected by line-of-duty deaths through partnerships with law enforcement and the community.

This involves...

  • Providing emotional support for the surviving family members and the officer(s) colleagues through counselling.
  • Providing retreats to allow families and officers a place to grieve and be with others who have gone through the same situations.
  • To be a place that a grieving family member or officer can contact that is always willing to listen.
  • Providing scholarships to surviving children to attend college.

3. Their recognition that law enforcement officers can suffer from cumulative stress caused by experiencing critical incidents throughout their career and offer proactive training to help departments recognize and assist the officers successfully navigate through the issues.

4. To offer training to help officers and departments prepare themselves in the event of a traumatic incident.

As a retired police sergeant, I started THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE because I wanted to create a way to give back that was bigger than me.

I thought that I could make a donation to C.O.P.S. and I'd feel good about it, but it would end there. That wasn't enough for me! I wanted to start something that would not only help one time, but if grown and nurtured could continuously give over and over again. I wanted to start a movement!

So, why coffee?

Coffee is something we take for granted. Wake up, drink a cup, get on with our lives. What if we transformed coffee into something bigger? What if the act of drinking coffee didn't just make a huge corporation richer, but actually helped the people we depend on but never really give much thought to?

Coffee is also something that we consume. We brew it, we drink it, repeat. It needs to be replaced so it can be an ongoing source of revenue for donations.

Coffee is the means to get on-going donations, plus THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE has the added benefit that it tastes great so donating is actually pleasurable.

I've described our donation model in an earlier blog, but the key takeaway is that if you buy from THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE you ARE making a donation to C.O.P.S.  - there are no exceptions.

I hope you can find it in your heart to support this cause, to support C.O.P.S. and to buy from THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE to keep this source of donation revenue alive.

If we all give a little, it helps a lot!


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