About us

Mission Statement

Raise attention and funding to address the needs of law enforcement officers, their families and teammates who suffer from line-of-duty trauma.


I'm a retired, City of Berkeley, CA, police officer who understands the challenges officers face and has the integrity to follow through on the commitment to give back to those who have already given too much. 

I'm also a big-time coffee drinker who knows good coffee having lived and worked in Berkeley, CA, and now lives near Seattle, WA.   I guarantee you will enjoy this coffee! 

 Photos from the past...

IFO_patrol_car IFO_patrol_car After_altercation

Today, heavier and a lot grayer, and thankful to have reached retirement age.


About the coffee

Our gourmet coffee is sourced from a small, specialty coffee roaster, roasted daily in small batches, ground and packaged when still hot.  This is the freshest, best tasting, high quality coffee available.  



We are proudly located in the Pacific Northwest