We now offer the ability to sign up for automated reorders and receive a 7.5% discount on all subscription orders.

When purchasing coffee you can select how often you'd like us to refill the order. After you've chosen the roast, the grind/whole bean, and whether or not you want decafe you can now select how often you'd like us to resend the order.


There is no obligation or time frame, you can cancel or modify your order at any time.

To cancel your subscription simply log into your account (you must set up an account to track your coffee subscription) and select "cancel."  That's it!


How is THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE different than other coffee brands?

THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE is dedicated to donate a portion of every sale to a law enforcement charity.  We do not limit our donations to just one coffee roast or a seasonal product, but every sale.  If you buy one bag of coffee we donate x, if you buy three bags of coffee we donate 3x.  


What law enforcement charity receives the donations?

Funds are donated to Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) who provide support programs designed specifically for officers and their families affected by line-of-duty trauma and to BLUE H.E.L.P who honor the service of law enforcement officers who died by suicide. 

       THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE preferred charity BLUE H.E.L.P.

Where do you source the coffee?

We have a close relationship with an independent, small batch roaster.  This is not grocery store coffee nor is it big coffee retailer coffee, but very fresh, gourmet coffee that is roasted, packed and sealed right before being shipped.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we have so much faith in the quality of our coffee we have a 30 day money-back guarantee!  If you don't like the coffee, please let us know within 30 days to get a refund.


Please do not send back the coffee. We cannot accept returns of coffee since it is a consumable good.

Can I buy your coffee at a store?

Unfortunately, not at this time.  You can only get THIN BLUE LINE COFFEE from our site www.ThinBlueLineCoffee.com


What are the keys to making good coffee?

The keys to making good coffee are simple, they are:

1. Start with fresh coffee beans

2. Roast and grind the beans close to the time the coffee is used.

3. Use clean brewing equipment

4. Use clean water.

What I do:  I am a big fan of very strong, dark roast coffee. Once I open the sealed bag, I store the coffee in a Tupperware container to keep it fresh. I then either use filtered water from my refrigerator or run the tap water for a while until I feel the temperature of the water change from warm, stale water to colder, fresher water. I use natural brown coffee filters and put in 1 scoop of coffee ground per cup of coffee, so with my 12 cup coffee maker I put in 12 scoops of coffee. I also use a thermal carafe so that the coffee is heated when brewed and then remains hot in the carafe but not constantly "cooked" on a heated plate.

How long will the coffee remain fresh?

If you keep the coffee in a airtight sealed container, it should be fresh for up to 4 weeks.